Technical Analysis

Why charts are a trader’s best friend

The first step in becoming a cryptocurrency trader is to know when to buy and sell. And guess what? The secret lies in the charts. If you can’t read what the chart has to tell, that’s the first wrong you must rectify immediately. At Not Financial Advise, we show you what different elements represent. From candles and RSI to moving averages and MACD, there are hints hidden in every nook and cranny of the chart.

Technical analysis made simple

Are you daunted by the technical side of crypto? The blockchain universe may be decentralized but it is enriched with mechanisms that determine how the future of each coin pans out. Rest assured, there’s much more to it than your average demand and supply equation! Now, THAT is just the tip of the iceberg, and breaking the ice is exactly what we’re here for. We tell you how to track price movements, measure changes, and make estimated forecasts concerning the possible direction a token will take.

Make accurate predictions

Cryptocurrency is no jackpot you can hit without expertise and thus, accurate predictions are exactly what you need to proceed further in your cryptocurrency journey. Needless to say, there are right and wrong ways to trace trend lines, analyze closing values, and identify resistance or support. With our expert-guided information at your disposal, ‘wrong’ is not an option. We leverage our scientific methods and our trading experience in volatile markets to help you understand the beauty of reading charts and how you can leverage them to your advantage.

How do whales know when to invest?

One of the biggest ordeals in the life of a crypto enthusiast is knowing when to invest. Unfortunately, many of us are left regretting over the time we DIDN’T invest our money. So, if you’re upset about that $10 that could have turned into $100, stop wasting time and get to work. Our experience proves that investors who have more knowledge about technical analysis are better off than those who don’t. After all, if you don’t even know how things work behind the scenes, how will you even succeed?

Leverage our treasure trove of resources, articles, and tidbits on technical analysis. Our simplistic approach to building your understanding is bound to impress you!